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Why Shred?

  • "Year-on-year, impersonation fraud continues to grow. Since 1999, impersonation fraud has risen by 163% and is one of the fastest growing fraud types in the UK" - CIFAS
  • "False identity fraud went up 59% in Quarter 3 2002 and impersonation fraud up 25%. False identity/impersonation fraud remains the most rapidly growing type of fraud in the United Kingdom." - CIFAS
  • "An annual figure of £1.3 billion pa is the minimum quantifiable cost to the economy arising from identity fraud" - Identity Fraud: A Study, Cabinet Office
  • "Identity theft is Britain's fastest-growing white-collar crime, increasing at nearly 500% a year." - BBC TV's Money Programme
  • "In the UK, identity fraud in itself is not a crime, although profiting from it is."- BBC.co.uk
  • "A recent report on identity theft warned that there is likely to be "mass victimisation" of consumers within the next two years. The report said consumers should be extra careful to monitor all their financial transactions for unexplained account activity, withdrawals, or fund transfers." - The Gartner Group, a technology research group
  • "More than £1.6 million worth of card fraud occurs on UK plastic cards every day. A fraudulent transaction takes place every eight seconds" - APACS
  • "Experts report that a victim can spend anywhere from six months to two years recovering from identity theft." - CNNfn.com
  • "Most people don't find out they have been a victim of a stolen identity until they are turned down for a loan or credit card. A copy of their credit report explaining the denial may unveil weeks or months of fraud." - CNNfn.com


CIFAS website: Cases of identity fraud reported by CIFAS Members are as follows:

Year 2007 2008 2009 2010  2011 2012
Cases Recorded 77,500 77,600 102,300 102,600  113,250 123,600


Identity TheftThe use of Shredding Machines has become an absolute necessity in today’s business and within home, with identity theft reported to be the fastest growing crime In the UK. As the level of sophistication of criminality increases, purchasing appropriate destruction machinery, and / or suitable services, is essential.

We are all aware how vitally important it is to protect ourselves, our families and our businesses from unscrupulous individuals intent on harm. It seems a basic human instinct to provide as many preventions as possible to deter unwanted attention - at home we lock doors, install burglar alarms, and join neighbourhood watch schemes. Businesses spend millions of pounds every year on CCTV, key or card entry systems, the most sophisticated electronic surveillance equipment, including employing highly trained security guards, all to stop criminals entering their premises and stealing their possessions.

‘So why then are we guilty of simply throwing our highly prised personal details, the ‘life blood’ of our Companies, out of the back door?

Sensitive business paperwork e.g. sales forecasts, company future plans, customer lists, cost prices, staff salaries information are all things a competitor could use to steal your customers and ruin your business.

In extreme cases, information of National importance falling into the wrong hands could potentially be far more serious!

It is reported by Price Waterhouse that Fortune 1000 Companies lost more than $45,000,000,000 (45 Billion), as far back as in 1999, due to theft of proprietary Information – and the situation today is far worse.

ICO LogoTherefore it is little wonder in extremely tough and challenging times that IDENTITY THEFT, CORPORATE FRAUD and INDUSTRIAL ESPIONAGE are increasing at such alarming rates.

...and now with the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) wielding fines of up to £500,000.00 for offenders, it has never been a better time to implement a suitable plan of action.

Some recent examples:

30 August 2013: Council employee publishes vulnerable children's welfare details online – ‘’The ICO has served Aberdeen City Council with a monetary penalty of £100,000 after a serious data breach resulted in sensitive information relating to social services involvement with several individuals being published online. The information included details relating to the care of vulnerable children’’

23 August 2013: London council receives penalty after 2,000 residents' personal details published online – ‘’The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has served Islington Council with a monetary penalty of £70,000 after personal details of over 2,000 residents were released online’’

15 August 2013: Probation officer prosecuted for leaking victim’s details to alleged culprit – ‘’A probation officer who revealed a domestic abuse victim’s new address to the alleged perpetrator has been fined £150 following a prosecution bought by the ICO’’

5 August 2013: Bank of Scotland receives £75K penalty after four year fax blunder – ‘’The ICO has served the Bank of Scotland with a monetary penalty of £75,000 after customers’ account details were repeatedly faxed to the wrong recipients’’

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