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Why Choose Ruffles?

Some considerations when choosing a Mobile Shredding Service, or purchasing standalone Shredders?

Mobile Security Shredding Services have the following advantages:

On-site Security Shredding Machines have the following advantages:

Feel confident with Ruffles as your fully independent supplier:

With identity theft and corporate fraud on the increase, the correct implementation of a mobile shredding service, or localised use of shredding machines, has become an absolute necessity both for business and domestically - so why should you consider Ruffles to help you decide?
To give you a little background as to why we feel qualified to help advise you on implementing a suitable destruction policy, our staff have held very senior positions for well over 100 years collectively in roles of marketing, sales and support in the supply of all types of shredders. At Ruffles we have helped well over 25,000 organisations to fulfil their ‘destruction’ obligations, and our sales of shredders have generated incomes well in excess of £10,000,000.


Our ShreddingMachines.co.uk website is the most used and most informative independent specialist shredder websites in the UK and features shredders from every global manufacturer.
That said, there are now in the region of 1000 Shredding Trucks travelling around the UK offering a Mobile Shredding Service to thousands of businesses, so the arguments to either purchase equipment or employ a specialist destruction service are rather complicated. We fully understand why you should shred and what you should shred and we will absolutely guarantee as one single supplier, that we will give you a completely unbiased view on the most suitable and cost effective solutions completely tailored to your requirements.

We can either offer you the most advanced nationwide mobile destruction service, or can advise you on the most cutting edge and technically advanced shredding machines available from all of the world’s major shredder manufacturers – the chances are that you may need a choice of both options.

We will also help you to cut through the ‘Shred Speak’ and make you feel comfortable in choosing or recommending the most suitable solution for your individual requirements.

Simply call us for help on 0845 5555 007 - we look forward to helping you

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