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Types of Media We Can Securely Destroy

It's not just Paper!
If you only shred your paper and do not dispose of your electronic media in an appropriate manner, information and data stored on Hard Drives and CD’s could be easily accessible, and in a very convenient format, for ‘Data Thieves’ to steal your identity / company secrets. The amount of information that Businesses keep on computer storage devices nowadays is unprecedented, and it is therefore vital that a specific Media Destruction Service be used whenever Computers or Laptops reach their end-of-life.  

Please note that at Ruffles we carry the UK’s largest ranges of Hard Drive Destroyers and Degaussers, and we can provide a Physical Destruction Service to meet every possible Security Level. We do this by offering Secure Mobile Shredding, Disintegrating and Degaussing of all types of sensitive media, irrespective of your specific Security Requirements. We do this on behalf of Individuals, Commercial Organisations, Government Agencies and UK National Infrastructure for:

P - Paper Based Products: These are thin materials produced by pressing together moist fibres, most commonly used for writing, drawing and printing upon, or used, as a packaging material.  Destruction processes should be able to erase any confidential information contained from the printed text, dependent on the font size used, and the sensitivity of that information. 

F - Film Based Microform: Products including Micro-film, Microfiche, Aperture Cards and Slides – This is a process to reduce text and images of documents stored on a cassette, reel, or mounted on plastic cards, for reduced space storage, reading and printing.

Shredding Optical MediaO - Optical Media: Including CD’s, DVD’s and Blu-ray Disks – These are normally in the form of a disk used to record audio, data and video, with a layer to record which can be read optically either on or in the disk.  Media may include Compact Dicks (CD); CD-Roms, CD-Rs, CD-RWs, Digital Versatile Disks; DVD-ROMs, DVD-Rs, DVD-RWs, DVD+Rs, DVD+RWs, DVDRAMs, and Blu-Ray disks; BD-ROMs, BD-Rs and BD-Rs.

T – Tapes: Magnetic Tapes, Data Media, Floppy Discs, ID Cards, Cassettes Tapes – These are re-writable magnetic strips of various thicknesses and lengths, situated within a hard case or held on plastic cards, used to record audio, data and video.  They may include Video Home System Cassette (VHS), Removable Magnetic ZIP Drives, Floppy Disks, Digital Audio Tapes (DAT), Linear Tape-Open (LTO), Digital Video Cassette (DV), SCSI Drives and Software-encrypted Disks commonly found on Desktop or Laptop Computers, Videotape, Audiotape, Computer Back-up Tape.

H - Hard Disk Drives (HDD): These magnetically write and read data in the form of re-writable, non-volatile random access memory (RAM). They are produced by one or more rapidly rotating disks called Platters, which are turned by motors.  A magnetic head, arranged on a moving actuator arm can read and write data to the Platter surfaces. HDD’s are typically used in Computers, Computer Servers, Laptops, Copiers, Fax machines, Routers, Printers, Multi-Function Devices as well as External or Portable Storage Devices, or Redundant array of independent disks (RAID).  HDD’s come in a variety of sizes (2.5’’, 3.5’’, 5.5’’ etc.) and are manufactured from varying materials, all normally encased in a Hard Casing. HDD’s retains its data even when powered off. Hybrid Hard Drives (HHD) or Solid State Hybrid Drive (SSHD) is categories of storage that incorporates solid state memory, and some may contain digital memory.

E - Electronic Data Media and Digital Memory: These are normally re-writable storage memory chips, either in the form of a plastic card or removable USB devices, which hold data for storage, identification, authentication and transmission.  Programmable Component Board (PCB) and Solid State (SS) memory chips are normally mounted onto a PCB or Motherboard take the form of Flash Memory Drives (USB Sticks), Secure Digital Cards (SD), SIM, Smart/Bank/ID Cards, Dynamic Random Access Memory (DRAM), (Electrically) Erasable and Programmable Memory (EPROM, EEPROM), Field-Programmable Gate Array (FPGA), Read-Only Memory (ROM), Static Random Access Memory (SRAM), Solid State Drives (SSD’s), Hybrid Hard Drives (HHD), Field-Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) and Graphics Cards which can be found in Electronic Devices including:  Personal Electronic Devices like Mobile Phones, Smart Phones Personal Digital Assistants (PDA’s) and Tablet PC’s;  Office Equipment like Computers, Copiers, Fax machines, Routers, Printers, Multi-Function Devices, Monitors (CRT, Plasma, LCD Screens);  Network Devices - switches, routers, interface cards, enterprise networks, Screen Controllers - Graphics Cards, Chipsets, Dedicated Graphics Controllers.

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