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Common Questions

Our Guide to Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Why Employ a Mobile Shredding Service?

To fulfil your obligations under the Data Protection Act 1998, as well as other European and Government regulations, and to counteract any possibility of sensitive information falling into competitor’s hands, every organisation must have a credible Data Protection Policy.  The Destruction of sensitive information by shredding is the most cost effective way of stopping sensitive data, which could cause considerable damage, falling into the wrong hands. This is to protect you and your customers against possible fraud, identity theft and other serious criminal acts.

How Secure Is Your Mobile Shredding Service?

Our Mobile Shredding Services have gone through several processes of approval. Our Purge and On-site destruction means contents of the consoles are placed immediately and directly into the shredder, so you remain in control of your confidential information until the actual moment of destruction.  If you want, you can even watch the shredding taking place through a special window. Our Off-site service remains in locked trucks until shredded at our premises which are fully alarmed to meet ISO9001:2008.

What Shred Size and Security Standards Can You Provide?

Our standard commercial shredders use a crosscut shredding process, reducing paper to secure pieces of confetti. The end result is compliant to British and European Standards BS EN 15713:2009. For higher security requirements we can provide to HMG IA Standard No. 5 Protective Marking Level, CPNI Standard UK Government Physical Destruction, and CAS-D CESG Approved Assured Service as required.

What Confidential Material should be Destroyed?

Any information that if it were to fall into the wrong hands, having not been disposed of properly, could cause issues regarding loss of Identity, Industrial Espionage, Corporate Fraud and to ensure compliance with the Data Protection Act.  Items may include but are not limited to: Banking Information, Utility Bills, Junk Mail, Pre-Approved Credit Applications, Medical information, Mortgage Details, Personal Letters, Credit Card Details, Bills, Receipts, Sales Forecasts, Sales Enquiries, Business Plans, Research and Development information,  Customer Lists, Cost prices, Profit Margins, Order fulfilments rates , Staff Salaries, Competitor Analysis, Bank Statements,  Launch plans, Draft Tender Information, Store openings, Security Guard patrol times, Personnel files, Health Records, PAYE Records, Social Security information, Company Accounts, VAT records. Please remember that by law certain documents are required to be kept for a period of time, so please check with your tax advisor regarding details.

What Media Should I Destroy?

Don’t just shred your Paper Products and then simply discard your electronic media, as the amount of information and data stored on e.g. your Hard Drives and CD’s, is in an easily accessible and in a very handy format for ‘data thieves’ to steal your identity and your company secrets. 

Other media would include:

  • P - Paper Based Products
  • F - Film Based Products including Micro-film, Microfiche, and Slides
  • O - Optical Media including CD’s, DVD’s and Blu-ray Disks
  • T - Magnetic Tapes and Data Media like Floppy Discs, ID Cards, Magnetic Tapes, and Cassettes
  • H - Hard Drives from Computers, Laptops, and External Devices
  • E - Electronic Data Media like memory sticks, cards, solid state drives mobile phones
How Will We Know That Our Sensitive Documents Have Been Destroyed?

We can supply you with an individually numbered Certificate of Destruction at the time of shredding onsite or when destroyed at our premises, detailing the weight shredded, the date and the address from where your waste is collected, confirming that your materials have been completely destroyed.

What Happens To The Waste When Paper Has Been Shredded – Do You Recycle?

Yes, this is one of the major advantages of using a Mobile Shredding Service as opposed to On-Site stand-alone Shredders.  The documents are generally baled (once shredded) to reduce the size into manageable ‘mill size’ cubes, and are then transferred to a recycling facility where they are processed and returned to the marketplace in the form of recycled office and household paper products.

Do You Conduct Background Checks On Your Employees?

Yes all operatives are security screened and undergo a documented comprehensive training process in Legislation and Best Practice Procedures.  Our TSA Associates are members of the British Security Industry Association, and they go further than their competitors to ensure the highest levels of compliance to BS EN 15713:2009, by undergoing rigorous background checks. Providers are audited to obtain their independent security approvals on an annual basis and are approved to ISO9001:2008.  All customer service personnel are fully uniformed, with photographic ID and are vetted to BS7858 including a 10 year background check to ensure that your sensitive and confidential material is handled in the manner that you would expect from a first class service provider.

How Do We Store Material To Be Shredded?

We provide security locked high quality office consoles free of charge.  These consoles are designed to blend into any office environment and can be positioned throughout your offices. Collected material is ‘posted’ through a small letter box type opening and the waste paper falls into specially designed bags within these consoles.  Only the designated contacts within your organisation have a key to access these consoles.

How Often Do You Visit To Shred Our Documents and Media?

We will organise to work out a suitable plan to meet your requirements, depending on your individual organisation usage, and the amount of sensitive information that you produce.  This plan can be modified at any time and we can provide advice as required.

Can I Organise Unscheduled Visits?

If you find you need a visit in-between your scheduled visits simply call 0845 5555 007 and we will be happy to re-schedule at a time to suit you.

What If I Only Need To Use Your Service One Time Or For Annual Clean-ups?

As above just call 0845 5555 007 to use our Purge Service where we supply sealable bags to collect your waste, or we can provide you with a one off quotation as and when required.

Do I Need To Commit To A Contract?

Our On-Site and Off-Site Mobile Shredding Service will require a contract in place to cover the number of Consoles and Shredding visits required.  Our Purge Service, where we supply Sealable Bags to collect your waste, can be ordered on a one off basis as and when required and does not require a contract.  We will organise a site visit to ascertain your exact requirements prior to any recommendations.

Is It Good To Use In-house Shredders In Tandem With A Mobile Shredding Service?

Yes for most organisations there are several arguments to use a combination of both services. Ruffles are best suited as the largest independent supplier of shredders in the UK to offer our advice.

Can You Provide A Mobile Shredding Service Anywhere In The UK?

Yes because we have a network of providers with nationwide coverage. Please note that outlying areas may be subject to additional charges and longer service times.

My Local Council Collects Paper For Recycling Free Of Charge, But Is This Safe?

Probably not as when general paper is taken only for recycling it is unusual that it will be shredded first.  Also you will not be provided with a Certificate of Destruction, and you will have no way of knowing who might have access to your Sensitive Paper documents before it is re-processed.

How Do I Prepare My Confidential Waste For Collection?

Simply follow a few simple rules when collecting your waste, which we will organise to collect in containers, loose, bagged or boxed direct to the shredding or collection truck. You don’t have to remove pins, staples or paperclips – even whole lever-arch files can be safely destroyed. Our specialist adviser will call and help you work out the most convenient way of sorting and storing your confidential material securely.  We are always on-hand to train your staff in what products to destroy and how best to store them, so as to maintain a minimum of inconvenience to your business. When we come to dispose of your confidential material, we will do so at a time to suit you, thereby cutting down on any interruption to your business and ensuring that your data remain secure at all times. 

Please note that so that there is a minimal impact on contamination of recycling waste, we prefer that our Customers minimise the amount of plastic that is included with the paper when we make a collection.  This also has the advantage that you can subsequently reuse the plastic sleeves and folders.

We Have Parking Restrictions Or Limited Site Access - Can You Still Help Us?

Yes we will either organise a suitable alternative location to park the Truck to cause the least possible inconvenience to anybody concerned, and may need to visit outside of normal working hours to avoid restrictions.


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