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Business Impact Levels

Generally introduced for Central Government Departments, the Security Policy Framework (SPF) sets out new responsibilities regarding the Protective Security and Risk Management required, whilst recognising the wider implication for the Commercial Sector, which handle Government Assets on a regular basis.

Business Impact Levels provide a very handy seven-point scale allowing Departments, Agencies and Commercial Customers to make a balanced assessment of what Countermeasures would be required to effectively meet their Risk Management requirements of confidentiality and integrity.  The below is our interpretation of the regulations and it is implicitly recognised that all Organisations should Containert with their Security Advisors for specific advice on their individual Requirements.  In many cases these recommendations are minimum requirements as organisations must determine whether a Higher Impact Level, and therefore Greater Protection may be required.

Business Impact Level Sector Tables

The CESG, the National Technical Authority for Information Assurance, in conjunction with the Cabinet Office have issued a Non Protectively Marked Document which makes available details of Business Impact Level Tables to help Organisations and Individuals assess the Specific Impact of a Loss that would relate to various Sectors within the UK. 

Generally BIL4 - Confidential, BIL5 – Secret, and BIL6 – Top Secret Documents below would constitute High Security Waste, and it is recommended that Specialist Mobile Shredding Companies, or CPNI Approved Machines are employed to process these Assets.   

Business Impact Level 0 (BIL0) – NO IMPACT

Business Impact Level 1 (BIL1) – UNCLASSIFIED or NON PROTECTIVE assets

Business Impact Level 2 (BIL2) – PROTECT (Sub-national security marking) assets

Business Impact Level 3 (BIL3) – Criteria for assessing RESTRICTED assets

Business Impact Level 4 (BIL4) – Criteria for assessing CONFIDENTIAL assets:

Business Impact Level 5 (BIL5) – Criteria for assessing SECRET assets:

Business Impact Level 6 (BIL6) - Criteria for assessing TOP SECRET assets:

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