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Closed Loop Recycling

For companies that want to take responsibility for waste paper after it has been shredded, we offer a secure closed loop paper recycling service. Delivered in partnership with Robert Horne Group’s, the secure closed loop paper recycling service simultaneously ensures compliance with the Data Protection Act, saves money whilst enhancing a company’s environmental credentials.

Secure Closed Loop Paper Recycling works by prolonging the ‘fibre life’ of every piece of paper.  The TSA and Yoyo Paper source, delivers, collect and then recycles all office paper based products. The continuous loop ensures that businesses are able to purchase products re-manufactured from the recycled paper, which can be used again in their offices.

Traceability is an important aspect of the Closed Loop Recycling process and TSA guarantees that every sheet of confidential waste paper is handled securely, destroyed and returned to the ‘fibre pool’ for recycling rather than going to landfill. A piece of paper can be recycled up to seven times before the fibres become too weak to be used again, so the ‘fibre pool’ acts like a paper bank that everyone deposits into and withdraws from. The same TSA vehicles that deliver new recycled paper back to the business also collect the confidential waste paper and so the loop continues. With more than half of the million reams of paper being consumed each day, still ending up in landfill, TSA’s secure closed loop paper recycling service offers companies the opportunity to dispose of confidential paper responsibly and efficiently in line with the Data Protection Act.

By recycling all of your paper, you help to save future trees and substantially reduce your carbon footprint.  For every tonne of paper recycled, you are saving 15 trees and up to 3 cubic metres of landfill. The recycled paper uses 2/3rds less energy and air pollution to produce, and ½ the water required than making paper from virgin wood pulp.

Our Media Destruction Partners use an Environment Agency WEEE Authorised Treatment Facility, ATF, which enables them to store and process waste electrical and electronic equipment.  We can therefore offer a nationwide collection service for redundant IT equipment in GPS tracked vehicles driven by police and MoD vetted drivers. They issue a combined Waste Transfer Note (non-hazardous WEEE) and Hazardous Waste Consignment Note (hazardous WEEE) at the point of collection to prove you have fulfilled your Duty of Care under the WEEE Directive, Hazardous Waste Regulations and Environmental Protection Act. Data bearing assets are then manually stripped down to their component parts and fully recycled in line with WEEE recommendations.

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